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  • Finished cabinet

    Electric cabinet

    stamping parts

       Jianchuang is founded in 2001,The factory covers an area of 6000 square meters. productivity of science.we are specialized in designing and producing precision sheet metal processing, electrical controlling, intelligent high and low voltage electrical cabinets, etc. We also undertake procession trade and sample trial production business for both domestic and overseas market.
         As a high-qualified entity enterprise in designing, production and selling precision sheet metal products, we had won the best reputation base on our advanced facilities, skilled technology and scientific management system.
         Company slogan: Focus on the high quality and reputation, provide the most satisfactory products and considerable service.

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    Shanghai Jianchuang Metal Product Do., Ltd.
    Contacts:Mr Huang
    Add:No.517 Gaodong New Road,Gaodong Town Pudong New Area,Shanghai.

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